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South Africa’s fastest growing market leaders in offshore contact center services known for its quality of services, flexibility and results

Who We Are

Sidqcon is an outsourced call center based in South Africa. It is a B2B lead-generation company that assists insurance professionals through effective target marketing. Sidqcon is fastest growing offshore contact center known for its quality services, flexibility, and results.

What We Do

Sidqcon provides high-quality outbound lead generation services across North America. The Sidqcon agents deliver qualified appointments for clients in the USA and Canada insurance industry. Our people reflect the quality we produce achieved with passion, self-motivation and collaboration.

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There is really only one way to learn how to do something and that is to do it. We believe that learning a skill means eventually trying your hand at the skill. When there is no real harm in simply trying we allow novices to “give it a shot.”

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Me and my all colleagues started dialling by the end of the first day!

Having no experience of telemarketing, we started our training with SIDQCON, and just after few hours we were ready for live dialing. I never thought it’s that easy.

Thanks to SIDQCON for such a great professional training.

John Smith – Calling Agent

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We provide paid call center training to help you build exciting career in telemarketing

Performance Bonuses

We always appreciate those who perform good. Meet targets and be elligible for performance bonuses

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